EA's Sports Active Game For Wii Now Available

Forget about the pathetic Wii Fit exercises if you want to lose weight while gaming. EA's Sports Active looks like it might actually do something to help you shed your geek fat.The game is priced at $100, but considering most Wii owners were prepared to fork out $130 for the Wii Fit board, which was essentially a glorified set of body scales, the price shouldn't pose too much of a problem. What's more, it uses the scales as part of its routine, along with a leg strap and a resistance band.

I'm trying to get my hands on one to test out the 30 day challenge mode, which offers a variety of exercises over a 30 period designed to improve your fitness. Because God knows I could use some incentive to try and shed a few of these nerd kilos I seem to have collected over the past year or so...

[EA Sports Active]

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