Dexim Dock Brings Your iPhone Videos To Your TV

Dexim dock.jpgIf you download a heap of TV shows or movies from iTunes, but don't have an Apple TV to get them onto your 50-inch plasma in your loungeroom, the Dexim AV dock could potentially be the workaround you've been looking for. All you need to do is sync your iTunes purchases to your iPod or iPhone, plug the dock into your TV using the supplied video cables, plug your iPod or iPhone into the dock and use the remote control to navigate through your videos.

Unlike a lot of other AV docks on the market, the Dexim model will work with the iPhone as well as all the current and older video-playing iPods. And its $149 price tag is a lot cheaper than buying an Apple TV and ensuring your wireless connection is strong enough to handle the workload. But if $150 seems a bit too much, Dexim also have an AV cable option which does the same thing but without the dock (meaning you'll be running off battery power) for $80.

[iWorld Australia]

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