Design your Own Golf Clubs With Lind Golf

Design your Own Golf Clubs With Lind Golf

z41.jpgIf I were a golf player – and I’m not – I’d seriously consider creating my own set of clubs before walking onto the green, if only to make the sport a tiny bit interesting.The Australian owned company has just launched a website that lets you create your own design for your clubs and bags. Each club is custom fit to your own individual measurements and created using components from well-respected golf manufacturers. You can customise each club with colours, logos and artwork, as well as creating bags with iPod sections and names embroidered on them.

They reckon that there are over 50 million different customisation possibilities, which would mean that you should be able to create a completely unique set of clubs.

And in case you were wondering, the picture above is of the company’s Z.4 putter, which is also customisable and apparently offers the perfect weight balance for putting or something.

You can check it all out at the Lind Golf website.

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