Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

breakfast coffee and muffin.jpgApple Assembles Chip Design Team, Plans Custom iPhone Guts The question is whether or not this will make the iPhone better or not.

Why Windows 7 Is Snappier Than Vista It's all about the UI, baby.

Apple Is Serious About Gaming: Steals Xbox Senior Director of Strategy Man, I hope Sony's planning something big at E3 for their PSP. Otherwise they're screwed.

Hulu Wins TV on the Internet: Disney Officially Joins, Bringing ABC and Classic Movies Hey Hulu! Get your asses out to Australia already!

Palm Eos: Palm's Tiny $US99 WebOS Phone Is Super Skinny and AT&T-Bound Awesome! Let's hope Palm doesn't take too long to release it down here.

Oh God, It's a Whole Chicken in a Can Probably best not to look at this while eating.

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