Apple Store Doncaster Opening This Weekend

Apple store doncaster.pngTalk about giving the financiapocalypse the old one-two... Apple are opening their second retail store in a month, with their Doncaster store in Victoria set for its grand opening on Saturday May 23 at 9am.The Doncaster store will be the second Victorian Apple Store, bringing the grand total of retail outlets the company has opened in the past 12 months to five, with two in Victoria, two in NSW and one in Queensland.

Considering that the Australian iTunes Store has also started selling movies and TV shows in the same period of time, it's fair to say that Apple are pretty keen on expanding their market position in Australia, and have been working pretty hard over the past 12 months to make it happen.

If anyone goes to the Doncaster Store launch on Saturday, let us know how it goes at [email protected]


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