Win! One of 25 Gillette Fusion Phenom Packs Signed By Mark Skaife

Phenom giveaway image emailable.jpgWhen I was in Rome, I was almost hit by a bus. It was a close shave, and a story worthy of our Gillette Fusion Phenom prize pack. Pity I can't enter though...The prize pack includes a Gillette Phenom razor, Fusion Phenom aftershave lotion, Fusion Power Phenom Hydra Gel, a Gillette Phenom backback and a Holden team cap signed by Mark Skaife.

To enter, click through to the original comp page and tell us in 25 words or less, "What's the closest shave you've ever had?". Comp closes Friday at 5pm, Winners announced next Monday.

[Gillette Phenom comp on Giz]

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