Win! One of 25 Gillette Fusion Phenom Packs Signed By Mark Skaife

Win! One of 25 Gillette Fusion Phenom Packs Signed By Mark Skaife

Phenom giveaway image emailable.jpgMy closest shave was back when I was 18 – I was working at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney and was almost electrocuted by some faulty wiring on a bain-marie. As I reached into the cupboard to switch off the power, with exposed live wires just millimetres from my fingers, a jet of sparks flew between the wires and the bain-marie. My cat-like reflexes jerked my hand away before I even knew what had happened, and my crouched legs pushed me backwards, flying across the restaurant floor. I was alive, but barely. And my hair looked like Doc from Back to the Future

The story of my closest shave is way too long to be entered into our Gillette Fusion Phenom pack competition, but you can do better. To enter, click through to the original comp page and tell us in 25 words or less, “What’s the closest shave you’ve ever had?” The best 25 entries will win a Gillette Fusion pack, which includes a Gillette Phenom razor, Fusion Phenom aftershave lotion, Fusion Power Phenom Hydra Gel, a Gillette Phenom backback and a Holden team cap signed by Mark Skaife.

Entries close Friday at 5pm, with winners announced next Monday. Good luck!

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