QotD: Lego Quad Bike or Dune Buggy?

lego technics.jpgWe write a lot about Lego here at Giz. A lot. But it's with some regret that I confess that despite the amount of Lego coverage on the site, I haven't actually put together a Lego kit myself - or even just messed around with the building blocks - for well over a decade. It's sad isn't it? Well that's all going to end tonight, because Lego has sent me one of their new Lego Technics kits to play around with.The dilemma I'm facing though is whether or not to build the Quad Bike or the Dune Buggy. You see, the kit has enough pieces, plus designs, to build either, all from the same box. So, what I want to know from you guys is: Which one should I build? Quad Bike or Dune Buggy?

What Should I Build: Lego Technics Quad Bike or Dune Buggy?
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