Internode Launches Mobile Data Service On Back Of Optus 3G

internode.jpgInternode have jumped on the mobile data train by hopping into bed with Optus. Their mobile service, called NodeMobile Data, will be available from tomorrow, and uses the Optus 3G infrastructure.Pricing starts at $14.95 a month for 250MB, or you can get 3GB for $39.95 a month, which all seems to hang on the more expensive side of the mobile data spectrum (Three offers 1GB for $15 a month and Vodafone offers 5GB for $40). Downloads and uploads count towards the data consumption figure as well, so there'll be no torrenting here, thank you very much.

Internode customers can get a free USB modem by signing up for 24 months, while non-Internodies will have to fork out $199. You can bring your own modem for a setup fee of $25 (for the SIM card).

Gus over at Lifehacker has a full rundown of the extra data charges, but suffice to say that there are more appealing mobile broadband deals on the market.


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