How To Tether Your iPhone To Your Laptop Over Bluetooth With The iPhone 3.0 Software

One of the much wanted features to be made available with the iPhone 3.0 software beta - alongside MMS - is tethering via USB and Bluetooth. Reader Jennifer from Axiom software has sent us a pretty awesome guide to tethering your iPhone to your laptop via Bluetooth for Australians. While we haven't tried it ourselves (no iPhone 3.0 beta to play with, unfortunately), she claims that it's pretty stable and works well. Here's how to do it:

1. Visit and download the tethering file and follow instructions to update your phone, ensuring that you reboot at the end. 2. Once phone has rebooted go into Settings > Network > Internet Tethering > and turn on tethering. 3. Ensure your phone has been paired to your computer. 4. Right click on the bluetooth icon in your status bar and select Join a Personal Network 5. Click Add to add your device. Your iphone should then be detected and then follow the prompts to finish this process. 6. In the list of Bluetooth Devices you should see the iphone listed as an access point. Click on this and then click connect. 7. When tethered correctly a bar indicating the phone is in tethering mode will appear at the top of the iphone screen.

She was using a Vista laptop for the process, but it should still be fairly similar for Macs or XP.

If you've got a copy of the iPhone 3.0 beta, give it a go and let us know how it works in comments.

[Whirlpool - Thanks Jennifer!]

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