Did You Win The Lexar Memory Competition?

lexar comp.jpgOkay, okay! I promise that this is the very last time I post this absolutely ridiculous photo of me up on Giz. But this is an important occasion - it's time to announce the winners of our Lexar Prize pack! Drumroll, please.....Congratulations go to: Joe, Gandalf the Grey, Philipp Orth, Lachy3000, Glen, Andrew R, Joshua Coughlan, Richard White, Stephen and Michael Saadat.

A big round of applause to our winners! (If you're confused over whether you won, I've emailed winners this morning, so check your email and spam boxes. No email means you didn't win.)

Thanks for entering, and stay tuned for more comps on Giz AU!

[Lexar Comp on Giz] [Lexar.com/au]

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