Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-cereal.jpgOne Always Looks Neat With a Card Made of Meat
Identification and a tasty snack. Win!

Espresso Book Machine to Print Books on Demand, No Lattes
It would be cheaper to buy everyone in a world a Kindle. Well, not quite.

Windows 7 RC1 (Build 7100) Now Available at Your Favourite Torrent Site
If you can’t wait to test the latest version that is. But, not to be outdone…

New Mac OS X Snow Leopard Beta Released, Run to the Torrents
Even when it comes to piracy, PCs and Macs battle it out.

Star Trek Review (US)
Good to see Chen agrees with me – and he’s a Trekkie fanboy from way back!

Manson MB-1 Guitar Has an Integrated, Touch-Controlled, X-Y MIDI Pad for Effects
I saw Muse playing one of these when they last toured Australia, and it was amazing.

World of Warcraft Runs on iPhone… Mostly
You mean we can play WoW when we leave the house now?