Zoo Weekly’s Xbox 360 And PS4 Designs Will Never, Ever Happen

Zoo Weekly’s Xbox 360 And PS4 Designs Will Never, Ever Happen

zoo xbox concept.jpgApparently the guys at Zoo Weekly were chatting with industry insiders from Japan, Hong Kong and America to find out what we can expect from the next generation gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The rundowns they give, while entertaining for their fantastic nature, will never, ever happen in the real world. But the designs sure are nice…Firstly, the Xbox 720, seen pictured above. According to Zoo, we can expect this machine to be running two Intel Quad Core processors, have 8GB RAM, a 1000GB HDD, 4 USB ports, 2 Firewire ports, a 24X HD-DVDRW Drive, and an HDTV tuner, all for the RRP of $999. The first mistake they made here was including Firewire – it’s a dying port and won’t be included on any games console, ever. The second (and much larger) was including a HD-DVD drive. Um, guys, HD DVD died a year ago. It’s not coming back. Ever. Oh, and if Microsoft call their next console the “Xbox 720”, I’ll eat my hat.

zoo ps4 concept.jpg
The PS4 concept is even prettier than the Xbox720, but just as flawed technically. Apparently the PS4 will feature the same Cell processor, boost RAM to 1GB and replace the Blu-ray drive with a “Holographic Versatile Disc”. The controller will feature “Mind-control”. There’ll be a HDTV tuner and a 1TB HDD, and the entire thing will only cost $1,200.

Hang on. Are the guys from Zoo Weekly taking the piss? Mind control in a Playstation?

In any case, head on over to Zoo’s website for a video of the concept designs rotating. Be warned though, the videos start automatically, and could be considered NSFW…

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