Win A Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite Console Pack

Win A <em>Resident Evil 5</em> Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite Console Pack

Win A <em>Resident Evil 5</em> Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite Console Pack” data-image-config-handle=”content-default” data-image-cache-status=”not-cached” data-image-provider=”vip”>Let’s face facts: we’re all doomed. If it’s not the robots that rise up and destroy mankind, then it will be zombies. Horrible, nasty, flesh-eating zombies. And on that day, our only hope in saving humanity will not come from governments or politicians – it will come from gun-toting gamers who have whet their appetite for zombie destruction with years and years of practice playing <em>Resident Evil</em>. If you want to be one of the heroes that will save humanity, we’re partnering with Microsoft to give you the chance to win a <em>Resident Evil 5</em> Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite console pack worth $569.<!--more-->Included in the prize pack is a limited edition red Xbox 360 Elite, complete with matching red controller; a copy of Resident Evil 5; an Xbox 360 headset; a 120GB HDD (technically part of the elite, I guess); a downloadable RE5 theme and a bonus card to download <em>Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix</em>.</p><p>To enter, and thus improve your chances of gaining the necessary skills to defeat wave after wave of terrifying zombies when the apocalypse occurs, we need you to write us some poetry. Because in the post apocalyptic world we’ll need artists just as much as we need warriors. So, in the comments section below, write us a haiku about your zombie-killing skills. Include the words ‘zombie’ (or ‘zombies’), ‘Xbox’ and ‘red’.</p><p>Competition closes on April 1, with winners announced April 3. Full T&Cs can be viewed <a href=here (pdf download). Good luck, and may the death of 1000 zombies inspire you to greatness.