Michael Atkinson Challenges Gamers To Take Him On At The Next Election

atkinson.jpgWe're all familiar with the stubborn refusal of SA Attorney General Michael Atkinson to rationally debate the merits of an R18+ rating for video games, but it appears he's quickly descending into Ewe Boll territory to argue with his critics. In response to a letter from Kotaku AU reader Terry, a 57 year old grandfather gamer, Atkinson responded to Kotaku and challenged their readers to go up against him at the next election.But instead of countering the well-written and logical arguments, Atkinson instead focussed on the random abuse he had received for his stand on classification and the effort he puts into his local community before issuing his challenge.

I would welcome a challenge in Croydon at the next general election (due in March 2010) about my record on censorship. Any reader who would like to challenge me should write to me c/- 488 Port Road, Welland 5007 and I will send him or her a nomination form to stand for Parliament. Alas, one cannot stand for Parliament anonymously, so any contenders will have to supply a real name and street address, not a pseudonym and an email address.

Mr Atkinson, while I'm sure plenty of people would love to see you voted out in order to bring sanity back to the argument of classification in this country, it's never going to happen and you know it, at least not off the back of this issue. What we want is for you to address the issues that have been raised in the quest for an appropriate rating for adult material, rather than blindly hiding behind the catch-all phrase that you're "protecting the children".

Still, if anyone is game to take on the Attourney General, or wants to read his letter in full, head on over to Kotaku for more details.

[Kotaku AU]

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    What really irritates me is: Why does it have to be a UNANIMOUS decision? am i right in this assumption? We seem to be able to spend all the country's money and join wars with merely a majority decision, so why is it that this is considered so much more important?

    We don't need to run against him, all we need is to support his opponent. What a dumbass, this guy is a disgrace for his inability to main even basic functionality of his office. He can't even provide a rational stance without breaking into a cry baby about saving the children.

    Ball taken. Gone home. Wuss.

    @Dave. Your dead right Mr Atkinson is in the Labor party, next election we should all help Liberals win.
    If he has lots gamers challenge him at the next election that will split the votes against and help him win.

    @ Matt - You have it in one, really it's the system that's the problem here, having multiple people who can effectively veto each other no matter how many of the rest agree on something is rediculous.

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