Internode Releases 2009 Model Chumby

chumby_pearl_large.jpgIf you were holding out for Internode to release the 2009 model Chumby before you got yourself a Wi-Fi enabled desktop beanbag companion thing of your very own, then now's your chance - they've just announced the 2009 version is on sale for $349.This is a premium of $50 on what the original Chumby was - you can blame the current economic climate for that. But it's not all bad news... if you're prepared to stick with the original model, you can pick it up for just $199 for a limited time. That's a bargain for the beanbag that does everything and nothing all at once - plus you can load it with our own awesome Chumby widget.

The differences between the two models aren't that major: The 2009 model has a variety of colours, a more responsive touchscreen (although I'm happy with the 2008 unit), screen brightness controls (a welcome addition) and automatic reboot after power outages. I'm not sure if that's worth $150 or not, but either way, having a Chumby is like having a robot baby, and you can't put a price on a robot baby, can you?


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