Guy Tests Out Sony's New Optical SteadyShot Active Feature On Homemade Wobble Board

It's funny - when Sony showed off their new Optical SteadyShot Active feature on their new Handycam lineup to journalists using their own wobble board, it was like the camera wasn't moving at all. That's why Peter Tong's clip using his own homemade wobble board is probably a much better indicator of the feature's true ability. UPDATED!Peter was testing out the HDR-XR500V handycam, and while the results are still very impressive for Sony's engineers, you know that any really shaky footage you're going to want to run through iMovie 09's video stabilisation feature as well to really try and fix things up properly.

UPDATE: Turns out Peter actually works for Sony, and uses his homemade wobble board to train retail partners on the OIS features. We still think a homemade wobble board is pretty neat though...

[Thanks Peter!]

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