Channel 9’s Second Digital Channel Could Be A Cross Between TV1 And FOX8

Channel 9’s Second Digital Channel Could Be A Cross Between TV1 And FOX8

After months of not saying anything much at all regarding its second SD digital channel, the Nine network has confirmed that rather than just time-shifting content, there’ll be a heap of original programming. And by original, we of course mean repeats of old sitcoms.According to Lara Sinclair over at The Australian, sources have stated that Nine is buying up rights to older general entertainment shows, as well as exploring options of lifestyle programming.

If that doesn’t sound that appealing to you, then your shit out of luck, because this second digital channel isn’t about you, the viewer. It’s about the advertisers. The Australian quotes Chief Executive David Gyngell: “You don’t want to flood the market with inventory. Delivering to our advertisers — that’s our primary focus.”

The rest of the article then goes on to explain how Nine’s in a world of hurt because the advertisers are leaving TV, and the network needs to shave costs and freeze pay.

I’m not sure if it’s just the timing of the great financiapocalypse, the FUD campaign from Freeview or something different altogether, but these new digital channels from the free-to-air networks all seem stagnant. If I worked in TV, I’d be building myself an online service like Hulu and doing my best to launch within the next 6 months. Because unless you’re really into sport, getting programs online (legally or not) is looking more and more appealing for the general viewer.

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