Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast.jpgiPod Touch 2G Fully Jailbroken, Kicks the Tether Pump up the AC/DC kids!

Reuters' Source Confirms Apple 10-inch Touchscreen Order for Third Quarter But is it a netbook or a Kindle-killer?

New iPod Shuffle Moves Buttons to Headphones, Adds Text to Speech Wow, who saw this one coming?

Sun Dry Swim Bathing Suits Use Nanotech to Dry Off in Seconds Bah, come back to me when it dries the budgie as well as the smugglers...

Star Trek iPhone Is the Definitive iPhone (If You Are Picard or Jason Chen) Ha! Trekkies are such geeks!

How the iPod Shuffle VoiceOver Works Little Steve Jobs clones whisper in your ear, or something like that...

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