Notes: Your Support In The Quest For Netbook Nirvana

Damn the financiapocalypse! I had plans – big plans – to pick up a nice, shiny, unibody Macbook to pimp out my mobile reporting kit, as opposed to the seven year old Dell Inspiron I had to downgrade to Ubuntu just to keep it breathing. But now with the economy down the crapper, I can’t really afford to join the mobile Mac users club…

But it’s not all bad. Fortunately for me (and hopefully you), there’s been a little trend in laptops recently you may have heard of: Netbooks. Cheap, small, portable machines that have just enough power to browse the web, send and receive email and write a document or two. Which is all I need my mobile machine to do – I have a 20-inch iMac at home that gets me through most of the harder work here at Giz.

So, with that in mind, I’m launching a new netbook review program here at Giz AU. Starting tomorrow, you can follow my exciting adventures through mini, portable laptop land as I quest to find the ultimate netbook. I call it: “The Quest For Netbook Nirvana”.

As a bonus part of the series, I want to hear your opinions/questions on particular netbook models, starting with the Dell Mini 9. Send me your thoughts, hopes, dreams, questions and reviews to [email protected]