No Webbie Camcorder For Australia

Back at CES, Sony launched roughly 7.2 million new products. And while we're not all that fazed that a good chunk of Sony badged gadgetry won't be making it across the Pacific to entertain us Aussies, I was devastated to learn at this morning's Sony Sessions that the Webbie camcorder will be part of the gadgets that are left behind. In fact, apparently nobody outside of the US will be able to get their hands on the cheap 1080 camcorder.According to Handycam product manager Di Shepard, the Webbie will only be available to US customers, the same people who already get to play with the Flip Mino HD, the Creative Vado HD and all those other cheap-ass easy HD camcorders we read about all the time from the US feed.

So - if you were hoping to get your hands on a really cheap HD camcorder from Sony, you'll need to import from the US. Otherwise, you can always pony up the cash for one of Sony's impressive (yet pricey) HD camcorder range that actually will get released in Australia...

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