iiNet Adds Super 14 Rugby To Their Freezone

iiNet Adds Super 14 Rugby To Their Freezone
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Dear iiNet,

If you’re going to continue to offer more and more awesome content in your unmetered Freezone, including Xbox Live, ABC’s iView and iTunes downloads, I’m REALLY going to need you to launch ADSL2+ at my local exchange so I can switch. Seriously, now that you’ve added Super 14 rugby to your Freezone, I’m so frustrated at the crappy deal I’m forced into putting up with because I need ADSL2+ that I’m probably going to have kick something just to stay sane.I mean, considering that I would get – for no extra charge – full Fox Sports coverage of the Aussie Super 14 matches, up to 4 on demand games each round and an unmetered quota for all games, I reckon I could almost give up the Fox Sports package on Foxtel – I mean, I only get it for the Super 14…

Grrrr. I’m so frustrated! My local exchange is like watching the Waratahs implode on their way to the finals year after year. In any case, I envy rugby fans already on iiNet, that’s for sure.

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