HP Mini 2140 Lands In Australia

HP Mini 2140 Lands In Australia

ImageJudging by the sudden influx of local product launches of products we saw at CES, it looks like the current Aussie release delay is about 6 weeks. The latest CES gadget to hit Aussie shelves is the HP Mini 2140 (don’t call it a) netbook.Starting at $799, the 2140 runs an Atom processor, has a 10.1-inch screen, 160GB HDD (or 80GB SSD), and comes with either a 3-cell or 6-cell battery. The keypad is 92% full size as well, which is a massive boon for anyone who’s ever tried typing on a netbook too.

Still, judgment is reserved until we’ve tried it out for ourselves, which we hope to do sooner rather than later… In the meantime, enjoy the press release in its entirety:

HP Releases its Latest Mini PC for On-the-go Professionals

SYDNEY, Australia, February 17, 2009 – Building on its successful portfolio of Mini products, HP Australia today announced the HP Mini 2140 Notebook PC, designed for mobile professionals and internet-centric consumers who require a rich computing experience in a small, portable and powerful package.

The HP Mini 2140 features a simple, refined all-aluminium case for a sleek and lightweight design. Starting at 1.19 kg(1), the fully functional and highly durable HP Mini 2140 is an ideal Notebook PC for a demanding ultra-mobile lifestyle.

“HP continues to enhance its portfolio of Mini products to ensure we offer customers choices that meet their personal performance and style needs,” said Janet Bradburn, Market Development Manager, Commercial Notebooks, Personal Systems Group, HP Australia. “The HP Mini 2140 is compact, lightweight and integrates innovative functionality to keep on-the-move users connected, without weighing them down.”

The HP Mini 2140 underwent the HP Total Test Process, which includes more than 95,000 hours of extensive testing and product validation to ensure its design; materials and components meet the highest standards.

It features a large 10.1-inch diagonal, scratch-resistant HP Illumi-Lite LED display; the user-friendly and popular QWERTY keyboard (92 per cent of full-size) and a touchpad; and a range of hard-drive options, including a 160GB 5400rpm hard drive standard and optional 80GB(2) solid-state drive.

The HP Mini 2140 keeps mobile users ultra-productive by including a small, low-power Intel® Atom processor to enable the unit to run cooler, use less power and ensure the battery lasts longer. It includes a suite of wireless technologies, such as integrated Wi-Fi Certified WLAN(3) and Bluetooth® 2.0, providing a variety of ways to access the Internet for email, Instant Messaging (IM), chat and blogging. An integrated VGA webcam allows for easy still-image capture, as well as web-conferenced or video-enhanced IM, with no additional hardware to buy or carry.

The product is packed with a combination of additional features to boost productivity and improve the overall mobile experience(4), including:

· HP DuraKeys, a clear coating applied over the notebook keyboard that protects the finish, printed letters and characters. HP DuraKeys offer 50 times more resistance to visible wear than keyboards without it.

· HP 3D DriveGuard, featuring a three-axis digital accelerometer chip that sends a signal to shut down the hard drive upon sudden movement or shock.

· HP Panel Protection System, with a scratch-resistant acrylic LCD cover and magnesium hinge bracket for added durability in demanding environments.

· The integrated VGA webcam enables video and still-image capture to allow the addition of photos and video clips to presentations, documents and email.

· Two battery solutions – three-cell for lightest-weight configurations or six-cell lithium-ion battery for longer life.

Also available are new accessories designed for the HP Mini 2140, including an HP USB Docking Station, USB-powered HP Mobile Audio Speakers and an HP USB optical disk drive that can read and write CD and DVD formats.

Pricing and availability

The HP Mini 2140 starts from $799 and is available now.