Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

coffee.jpgRealtime Mobile Video Stitching Is So Crazy It Just Might Work
If it does, watch for live concert piracy to flourish.

Sony Retro-Looking Fuel Cell Battery Is a Speaker Is a Charger
Great to see Sony playing in the fuel-cell space.

BlackBerry Bold, Storm No Longer Lack A Gratuitous Zoom Lens Attachment
Oh, yeah, this will sell well…

Google Attacks Microsoft’s Browser Monopoly
Well, this looks like a big battle brewing, doesn’t it?

The PSP 2 Will Ditch UMD, According to Developer
Yes please! Although let’s not screw over the people with lots of UMDs either…

The Science Behind The Watchmen
There’s not long to go now, people…