Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Bacon & Eggs.jpgSamsung Memory Breakthrough Will Give Us 32GB RAM Sticks I wonder how long before we start seeing 128-bit operating systems?

iPhoto '09: The Definitive Review and Tip Sheet I was playing with this over the weekend - it's fantastic.

Intel Shows Off Moblin, Their Own Netbook-Optimised Linux OS So now the new OS battle for netbooks heats up... Windows 7 or Linux?

Huge Security Flaw in Windows 7 User Account Control Whoops!

Dissecting Apple's 'Multitouch' Patent: Can It Stop Palm? Probably not, I'd wager.

How-To: Install Ubuntu On Your PS3 For Vintage Gaming Emulation I know I'm lazy, but that sounds like a lot of work...

Intense Transformers Super Bowl Ad 'Accidentally' Leaked Early If this version's been pulled down, just Google it - it's short and looks awesome!

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