HTC Dream Android Phone Launching Thursday On Optus (Unconfirmed, But Likely)

Thumbnail image for HTC launch.jpgHere at Giz HQ, we've been gazing at our crystal balls, dialling up 1900-psychics and consulting the stars to try and make sense of all the HTC Dream Android rumours we've been hearing the last couple of weeks. And now, like some gigantic puzzle of epic proportions, we've put the pieces back together to create an all-but confirmed analysis of what you can expect: The HTC Dream Android phone on Optus, on sale later this month (with an announcement coming Thursday).The rumours all started when ZDNet wrote a couple of weeks ago that Optus staff were being trained to offer tech support for the HTC Dream. Of course, Optus and Google both denied any knowledge of the practice, but what do you expect - these networks are like the Smoking Man from the X-Files: Deny Everything.

From then, the rumours came in thick and fast. We heard from a somewhat reliable source that Optus would be offering the handset for $10 a month over 24 months on a $79 cap, including 250MB worth of data, although it would also be available on a few different cap plans as well. Then we heard it was an Optus exclusive. (Then we heard that it wasn't). Then we saw there's a HTC Dream Australia Facebook page.Then we heard that the phone would land in the middle of Feb. Then we heard they'd be announcing the phone on Feb 5 - this Thursday.

And then we received the invite to the launch of a mystery HTC handset on Feb 5...

Now while there's a chance that this is all coincidence, it's more likely that all the pieces fit together nicely for a reason. In any case, we'll be there at this mystery event on Thursday to bring you news on the launch as it happens. Here's hoping we're right - this town needs an Android phone.

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