Yet Another App Store - This Time From Three

3 apps.jpgAre you still bummed that the iPhone still hasn't officially launched on Three? Are you sick of not being able to download hundreds of cheap applications that turn your phone into a torch or make photos of women jiggle around? Well, now you can rest easy - as Luke over at Decoder has discovered, Three has actually launched an App store of their very own.Technically, it's not really an App store in the sense of the iTunes version - it's only available through your Three mobile phone and instead of hosting the apps themselves, Three merely points you to sites that offer useful applications for your phone. And despite our highest hopes, there doesn't appear to be a Wobble-like app up there yet. Damn.

According to Decoder, you'll need an X-Series handset and data pack to have access to get most of the apps available, which further limits the reach of this, but considering the growing level of sophistication available in mobile phones and the programs they run, this is actually a very clever move from the mobile carrier, especially if they're getting a cut of the sales.

[via Decoder]

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