TomTom Launches Safety Camera Subscription Service - Are There Really That Many New Cameras?

speed camera.jpgSomething about TomTom's new Safety cameras subscription service just doesn't sit right with me. For $49.95 a year, you can receive twice weekly updates for your TomTom satnav that ensure you've got the most up to date information when it comes to those government revenue raisers. Both fixed speed cameras and red-light cameras are included and the positioning is verified by TomTom, so it should always be accurate... but really, are there so many new fixed speed cameras and red light cameras going up around the country to warrant twice weekly updates? And is that information really worth $50 a year, especially when you can probably update the map yourself on a TomTom with Map Share. My gut says no, and I generally listen to what my gut tells me. Like right now, it's time for ham.

TomTom Launches Safety Camera Subscription Service in Australia

~The new TomTom Australian safety camera subscription encourages safer driving through improved driver awareness~

Sydney, January 20th 2009 - TomTom, the world's leading portable navigation provider, today announces the availability of a safety camera subscription service enabling twice weekly updates for safety camera locations across Australia.

TomTom safety cameras will help motorists keep informed about changes to speed and red light camera locations in between map updates, encouraging driver safety and minimising fines.

"The introduction of a safety camera subscription shows the commitment of TomTom to driver safety" said Chris Kearney, Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand. "This further builds the TomTom promise of having the most up to date maps on the market, ensuring peace of mind for TomTom users"

The TomTom Safety Camera database can easily be downloaded onto any TomTom GPS device via TomTom HOME, TomTom's free desktop application. Once activated, drivers will receive timely alerts on their device when approaching a safety camera location. The TomTom safety camera database is verified by TomTom and updated on a regular basis. New updates can be downloaded via TomTom HOME, so drivers continuously drive with the latest safety camera information available on the market.

Availability & price A 1 year subscription for the TomTom Australia safety camera database is now available for $49.95 via TomTom HOME.

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    In Victoria, new speed cameras on freeways are always announced and in the media so only the illiterate and unread are unaware. The ones that are harder to know about are on local and main roads, but new ones are fairly rarely put in with the govt quite happy to increase using mobile speed cameras.

    So yes, $50 is a rip off.

    Last I heard Safety Camera and Traffic subscriptions were only available in Europe anyway. Plus every red light and speed camera I've ever encountered has already shown up on my TomTom via map share. Seems TomTom are doing a little revenue-raising of their own. If it gave real-time updates of police cars operating speeding cameras, THAT would be worth at least $50 a year.

    I turned off the "Safety Camera" feature. I found it very annoying and distracting to have my GPS make noises at me every red light camera. Infact i would say it was unsafe.......ty

    I am Visiting Victoria and I can say the amount of Speed Cameras on the Hume Fwy into Melbourne is ridiculous to the extreme. I actually passed 2 withing a KM of each other. How are these to be considered safety devices on a straight level divided 3 lane freeway with no warning signs of there presence.

    If they truly were safety devices wouldn't the government post signs before them to make you slow down (this might impact on the amount of people they catch). What if someone crashed and killed themselves just after one of these cameras due to speed, if the area was sign posted they would have slowed down for the camera and their death would have been averted - obviously they are for revenue raising only.

    Any device which helps locate them in Victoria (NSW has sign posts for all fixed and warning signs for non fixed cameras).

    maybe there is a reason to subscribe. i have Shared some new safety cameras and they still don't get shared back to my Tom tom even though I have it set to accept all shares.

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