Sony's Pocket P Netbook Priced And Dated For Australia

If we had to pick a winner from the CES gadgets we've seen so far, it'd be a toss-up between the Palm Pre and the Sony Vaio Pocket P netbook. The good news for Aussies is that Sony has decided to officially announce pricing and release dates for their netbook-killer... Just don't expect it to come cheap.There will be two models available in Australia, the VGN-P13GH and the VGN-P15G. Both will be on sale from Feb 14, although you can preorder from today. The VGN-P13GH, which comes in both black and white, has a 60GB HDD, 2GB RAM, Vista Home Basic and a 1.33GHz Atom processor, will set you back $1,599. The VGN-P15G, if you can believe it, it even more expensive at $2,299. For that price you get a faster processor (1.60GHz), a 64GB SSD, Vista Home Premium and the same noise cancelling tech we saw in the Vaio TT built into the machine itself. It also comes in four colours - black, white, green and red.

Although the Pocket P looks amazing and totally pantsworthy, I can't help but think they're pricing themselves out of the market here. After all, no matter how good the machine looks, it is still only running an Atom processor, and they're not meant for heavy lifting. But what do you guys think?

[Pocket P on Giz]

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