Mythbusters Build a Robot Shark To Rule The Sea Test Shark Myths

Mythbusters Build a Robot Shark To <strike>Rule The Sea</strike> Test Shark Myths

robot shark.jpgThe best thing about Mythbusters, in my humble opinion, isn’t the explosions. It isn’t the rockets. It isn’t even Jamie Hyneman’s wicked mo (although all three of those things rock). No, it’s the cool stuff they build, like this robot shark they built to test whether sticking your fingers in a shark’s eyes will save you from becoming fish food.According to, the robot shark featured 90 serrated metal teeth, was powered by hydraulics and measured about 5 metres long. The Mythbusters crew also tested whether chilli or magnets would deter sharks in the special episode recorded for Shark week on the Discovery Channel.

Considering all the recent press about shark attacks, all they need to do now is program this roboshark to attack other sharks in a mindless frenzy in order to keep our beaches safe. Finally, a robot uprising we can endorse…