Has Amazon Leaked Snow Leopard's Release Date? (Probably Not)

engtrans.pngWe have no idea why tipster Josh was browsing the German version of Amazon for the next version of Apple's OS X operating system, but we're glad he did. Because according to Amazon, the release date for Snow Leopard is July 1 this year.Of course, it's highly unlikely that July 1 is the official launch date - the date on Amazon is likely a holding date that's slipped through the cracks, but we do know that OS X 10.6 will be launching this year, and probably around that time too. Still, considering we're a couple of days from Apple's final Macworld keynote, there's no better time to start flooding the internet with more Apple rumours...

[Amazon.de - Thanks Josh!] *Note - The pic above is the German page run through Babelfish for convenicence, click the link for the proper German version.

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