Decorate Your Walls With Geeky Retro Stickers

tetris.jpgThis may well be the perfect idea: take one part geek, one part sticker and two parts classic design, blend them all up in the form of two expat Italian architects, and then sell the end result. They're called vinyl designs, and are essentially just geeky stickers that you can stick on your wall instead of wallpaper or stencils. They will last for up to five years and won't leave any marks on the wall when you remove them, making them ideal for renters. The made-in-Australia matte-vinyl stickers are also available in a range on non-geeky designs for the more elegant among you (or your partners), and start at around $20 each, although some go as high as triple figures. If you decide to stick with geeky, you'll see the familiar faces of Space invaders, Pac-man, Rubik's cubes and barcodes. Hopefully that range will expand soon as well.

[Vinyl Design]

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