Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-peanutbutter.jpgObama's BlackBerry May Be Replaced With a Giant Windows Mobile BrickEewwww. I wouldn't wish that phone on my worst enemy, let alone the President.

Apple Approves New Browsers in App Store, As Long As They're Based On Safari So no Firefox then....

Three Cups of Coffee Makes You Three Times More Likely to Hallucinate I reckon I might try for four cups this morning to try and get some freak on.

Nintendo DSi Coming to US April 4 for $US180 No official word for Australia yet though.

Google Maps Gets a Public Transit Layer They've got Perth. I guess that's cool.

Giz Explains: The Windows 7 Beta Fine Print Warning: you are sending your information to Ballmer. Remember to add a picture with every bug report...

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