Will Virgin Galactic Offer Flights Redeemable With Frequent Flyer Points?

VEL-729-Galatic-eDM.jpgTipster Brian Houston over at Videosift.com received an email from Virgin's Velocity rewards program with the above image attached. He reckons it's hinting at the ability to redeem your Velocity frequent flyer points for a seat on their Virgin Galactic flights. I reckon he's probably right. Obviously we'll have to wait for February to come around before we know for certain, but if it is the case, expect to pay an absolute crapload of frequent flyer points for the privilege. In fact, if you don't already fly Virgin everywhere, and have a Velocity rewards credit card for all your expenses, I'd say you probably won't ever earn enough points to redeem a Galactic flight. In any case, we'll see what Virgin have to say come February...

[Videosift - Thanks Brian!]

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