Vodafone Lets You Recharge With PayPal

Vodafone Lets You Recharge With PayPal

vodafone_logo.gifIf you’re a Vodafone prepaid customer, topping up your account each month just got a whole lot easier, with Voda introducing PayPal mobile recharge capabilities. Once you’ve got a PayPal account, you can recharge your prepaid account directly through the Vodafone Live! portal on your phone. In a bizarre twist, Australia is actually the second country in the world to offer mobile recharging via PayPal after Italy…I know it’s not a big thing to get before the rest of the world, but you take what you can get when you’re on the arse end of global technology releases like we are…

Vodafone introduces mobile prepaid recharge with PayPal

Vodafone prepaid customers are the first in Australia to enjoy the convenience of PayPal mobile recharge capabilities.

“Mobiles have come a long way in a short time,” said Russell Hewitt, CEO at Vodafone Australia. “Now, Vodafone is harnessing the capabilities of mobiles to make life even easier for our customers. Australians are highly mobile and they often need to recharge on the move, so we’ve made that possible today.”

“This is great news for Vodafone customers and is a perfect solution that is specifically designed to support mobile communications products and services,” added Hewitt.

Vodafone prepaid customers simply register for a PayPal account online and select from either direct debit or credit card payment. Once the PayPal account is activated, customers can recharge their Vodafone Prepaid Cap or Extras Pack directly from their mobile phone via the Vodafone live! mobile content portal.

The PayPal payment engine authenticates the customer’s identity with a unique user name and password. At the completion of the transaction, the customer receives a recharge PIN via SMS or email, with the prepaid credit redeemed with a free call to 1555.

Vodafone is the first company in Australia to offer mobile recharge services, and only the second company in the world to introduce PayPal mobile recharge, following a similar launch by Vodafone Italy in August.

PayPal Australia’s Managing Director, Andrew Pipolo, said: “Not only is the process more convenient, it’s also very secure because PayPal never shares customers’ financial information.”

Vodafone prepaid customers can fund their PayPal transaction from their bank account, credit card, debit card or via their PayPal account balance.