Telstra Politely Declines To Partake In Conroy's Filter Plans

getup petition.jpgMaybe it's all the cold and flu medication I took last week to try and fight off the summer sniffles that seem to be going around, but I'm actually finding myself not being offended by Telstra's corporate arrogance at the moment. In fact, today I'm actually enjoying it, given the fact that the nation's biggest ISP in BigPond has refused to partake in the Rudd Government's Live trials of mandatory ISP-level internet filtering. Also refusing to take part was Internode, although both Optus and iiNet have agreed to play along, in the case of iiNet to try and prove how unfeasible the plan to filter the net actually is.

Considering BigPond isn't partaking, it begs the question - how can any results be considered accurate if the country's largest ISP wasn't a part of the trials? Isn't it time for Conroy to give up on this whole farce?

If you haven't already, sign the GetUp petition here.

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