Santa Mail App Lets You Email Santa From Your iPhone

santa mail app.jpgHand-writing letters to Santa is so 20th Century. These days, Santa has a Gmail account and an iPhone running the Santa Mail App. If you've got the app too, you can send the messages that he will respond to individually. While that may not hold too much appeal for you as an adult, it will give you a certain level of street cred with your kids, especially when they get individualised responses. If you're worried about your kids privacy, don't be, because the app doesn't actually send any info, instead automating the response from inside the app itself. And while it doesn't have a terribly long lifespan (it's an automated message from Santa), for $2.49, can you really complain? Plus, it's probably the first iPhone app developed in Wagga Wagga NSW, which means you should buy it just for that fact alone.

[SantaMail App]

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