Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Bacon & Eggs.jpgSony Confirms PlayStation Home is Set for December Release
Um… Awesome?

Intricate Steampunk Mouse Might Have Gone A Bit Far With the Whole ‘Actual Mouse Spine’ Thing
Maybe try therapy.

Review: The Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc
This hits shelves today, people!

Android’s Open Handset Alliance Adds 14 Members: Sony Ericsson, Garmin, Asus and More
By the power of Android, I hope we get some solid iPhone competitors soon.

TiVo Sticks Ads Into Timeshifting
Looks like this is the future of PVRs… Bittorrent anyone?

NES Controller Security System Only Admits Nerds
In this house, geeks beat up jocks…

First Full-Length Terminator Salvation Trailer Leaks Out of Japan
The more I see, the more I want to see this.