Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Christmas Long Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Christmas Long Weekend

xmas turkey.jpgWell, we’re truly into the holiday season now. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Here’s the best of what you may have missed over the past four days:

Video of Gigantic Goldberg Machine Runs for More Than 20 Minutes It’s a pretty impressive feat of engineering…

Psion Orders Websites to Stop Using the Term Netbook Um, who the f^*k is Psion?

Choose Your Own Apple Adventure Dare I say post of the year from the US team – be prepared to waste a fair amount of time reading this one…

Best of Giz Explains 2008: Stuff You Absolutely Need to Know All the best Giz Explains columns from the year that’s been.

Lenovo OPhone Sizes Up Against iPhone, iPhone 3G Not sure why, but this doesn’t really make me go “O”…

Sony Vaio Pocket: The Fancy Mystery Netbook Leaked This will probably be expensive when it launches. How To Use Your New Digital Camera A great guide for n00bs. Send the link to your mum, dad, or other new-camera-owning relative.

How To Set Up Your New HDTV A bit US-centric in terms of cable and satellite sources, but still worth reading if K-Rudd bought you a new TV for Xmas.

One Year-Old Baby Will Kick Your Arse At Gaming, Melt Your Heart In the Process So. Cute.

Rumour: Dell Adamo to Pack Blu-Ray and eSATA Peripherals Hopefully they’ll also inspire Apple to drop the Air’s pricing….

There’s also a lot more good stuff, so check out everything, if you get the time/