Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

breakfast-pastry.jpgTiny, Adorable Walkman Phone Is Hard To Use Unless You’re Also Tiny and Adorable
Don’t you just love Japanese phone design?

Dean Kamen’s Private Island Is Now Entirely Off the Grid
So all I need to do to own a private island is design a personal transport device and have the President of the US fall off it on TV? Too easy!

PlayStation Home Coming in 9 Days?
Even if it does come in 9 days, how many of you reckon you’ll actually use it more than once?

Monster Offers White Version of Beats Headphones, Charges $US700 For No Discernable Reason
Turns out Monster’s HQ is inside an active volcano.

New MacBooks Are Cranky: They Have Insomnia and Hate Third-Party RAM
Nothing that a little fanboy oil won’t fix though.