Reminder: Win A 42-Inch LCD With Gizmo-Grow!

lg tv unboxed.jpgWhat did you do on the weekend? Hopefully some of you were plotting ways to walk away with this 42-inch LCD TV from LG.

We've had a few entries so far, with one of them far out in front. Remember people - this isn't a photoshop contest. We need you guys to go out into the real world and show them the Gizmodo logo... There's a high-res version of our logo on the original comp post here. To enter, you need to photograph the Giz logo (or the "G" rom the Giz logo at the bare minimum) out there in the real world somewhere, then email it to [email protected] Look at it like viral marketing on steroids.

You've still got a couple of weeks left, but don't hang around waiting - get started today!

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