Lightning Review: Roadmice Car Mouse

roadmice review.jpgThe Gadget: The Roadmice car-shaped mouse. Our particular review unit was in the shape of a GM Camaro. The Price: $70 The Verdict: Have you ever noticed how almost every mouse on the market is rounded at the bottom and curves as it approaches its base? That's so the mouse fits your hand comfortably. This Roadmice mouse doesn't do that, and is quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing I've wrapped my hand around since the time I accidentally grabbed hold of a cactus to stop myself falling over. The back side of the car digs into the palm of your hand, and as you accommodate for this discomfort, your hand cramps into a freakish claw. The scroll wheel located in the middle of the car's bonnet is alternatively unresponsive or hyper-responsive, depending on its mood.

On the upside, setup is easy, and the headlights light up when you click the left or right mouse button (located on the car's bonnet). It also looks pretty cool (and is officially licenced from GM), before you wrap your claw around its body, that is.

For $70, this is probably a bit expensive for a gimmick gift for the car-lover in your life. And it's too uncomfortable to recommend actually using, which leaves it in the sole domain of collectors the world over. But even collector's would struggle to actually use it, so our advice is to steer clear.


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