Kaiser Bass Converts VHS To DVD Via USB Stick

DVD-maker-range-web.pngConverting your old VHS tapes to DVD can be as exciting as watching grass grow, but Kaiser Bass has just released solution that aims at making the whole process simple. The Video to DVD Maker plugs into your PC or Mac and has composite and S-Video inputs for your VHS player (or any other video source like a video camera or iPod) and uses Cyberlink video editing software (or iMovie '08 for Mac-users) to convert the video file to a digital format that can be burnt to DVD, or encoded for watching on your iPod, PSP or uploaded to YouTube. It's $80, which sounds like a pretty good deal for anyone with the entire collection of Walker: Texas Ranger on tape in their garage - You need to get that on DVD sooner rather than later, my friend. [Kaiser Baas]

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