iiNet Fighting Piracy The Best Way: With A New IPTV Service

Despite the fact that the movie studios are being total dickwads and suing iiNet for aiding and abetting piracy, the ISP is actually being even more pro-active in its fight against piracy in Australia than all the movie studios put together. How? By offering incentives to download legal entertainment, like having iTunes and ABC iView content unmetered for their customers (meaning you don't actually have to pay for content twice).

If that's not enough, according to Gus over at Lifehacker, they're planning on taking it one step further by launching an IPTV service in the middle of next year. They announced the service at their AGM, and while details are still extremely scarce, I can't help but applaud the ISP for sticking to its guns and standing up to the evil movie corporations and their lawyer henchmen.

I know I ranted on it the other day, but until we start getting some decent legal offerings for downloading TV shows and movies that we can watch where we want and when we want, piracy is going to remain. So kudos to iiNet for understanding and fighting the good fight.


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