If You Hate The Idea Of A Filtered Internet, You Should Probably Sign This...

getup petition.jpgBy now you're probably aware that the Rudd Government are planning on filtering the internet for every Australian. And I'm sure that you are aware just how bad an idea it is. If you're not, check out our previous post on the subject. Anyway, if you want to let the Government know what a bunch of tossers they are being by proceeding with live trials, even when all the closed trials results should have shouted out in big red letters: "THIS ISN'T GOING TO WORK", the GetUp.org is calling for you to sign their petition.

I know, petitions are a bit of a nothing way of demonstration, but considering the massive push GetUp are putting behind their efforts to thwart the Government's filtering program, it can't hurt to add your name to the list. And it might actually make a difference.

To sign the petition, point your browser here. Do it now.


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