Game On Exhibition Heading To Queensland State Library

Game On Exhibition Heading To Queensland State Library

game on.jpgFor everyone who missed out on the apparently awesome Game On exhibition that was in Melbourne earlier this year, you’re about to get a second chance to relive the glory days of gaming. You know, the time when Wonder Boy was the single best platformer on the market, and Mario was a little blocky around the sides?

The catch is that the exhibition is going to be held in Queensland this time, at the State library. Which sucks for Sydneysiders like me, who’ve been hopped over like Koopa shell on the exhibition’s road to success.

The Game On exhibition will open its doors on November 17 and kick on through to Feb 15 next year, making it the perfect summer holidays adventure to take your kids. Or yourselves. There’s also a Game On party happening on Saturday, November 22, if you can somehow manage to score some tickets to that.

It’s GAME ON at the State Library of Queensland this summer

Arts Minister Rod Welford has announced the State Library of Queensland will host a major international videogames exhibition this summer.

“The State Library has secured GAME ON, a major exhibition from the UK which looks at the vibrant history and culture of videogames from 1962 to 2008,” Mr Welford said.

“GAME ON is an action-packed, highly interactive celebration of games culture that has thrilled more than one million players of all ages around the world – now it’s Queensland’s turn.

“With more than 1.2 million visitors to the State Library last year, this exhibition is set to bring record crowds and be a major drawcard for the whole Cultural Centre this summer.”

Mr Welford said it was fitting for the State Library to host this exhibition as Queensland is a world-leader in producing videogames.

“There are more than 18 videogame development companies based here including world-renowned Krome Studios, creators of Hellboy: The Science of Evil and Pandemic Studios, creators of Lord of the Rings Conquest,” he said.

“Queensland’s games industry is fuelled by a wealth of study options that explore every aspect of this field and GAME ON shines the spotlight on this booming industry.”

Organised by London’s Barbican Art Gallery, the exhibition has toured the world before coming to Australia, visiting Melbourne first before it opens in Brisbane on 17 November for a three-month season until 15 February 2009.

Mr Welford said GAME ON chronicles the history of videogames, featuring rare memorabilia and more than 100 playable games.

“Visitors will be able to step back in time and play some of the earliest computer games, including classic arcade-era hits like Space Invaders and Pong, as well as some of the latest releases,” he said.

“With original illustrations by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, concept sketches behind classics like Tomb Raider, rarely seen consoles, controllers, arcade machines, packaging and collectables, this exhibition is sure to satisfy everyone from the keenest gamer to the whole family and provide a unique insight into the creative process of game development.”