Fujifilm Shows Off 3D Camera For Consumers

GIZfinepix.jpgApparently, next year's going to be the year of 3D entertainment. And even though there are heaps of different technologies out there to let you see images in 3D, there seems to be a bit of a lack of consumer cameras to let you take 3D images yourself. Fortunately, Fujifilm has announced their new FinePix Real 3D consumer camera at the recent 3DX expo in Singapore.

The stereoscopic camera features two optical lenses, each with its own CCD, and a processor that syncs the two images to create a 3D image. On top of that, the screen on the camera is capable of showing 3D images without the stupid glasses, while a 3D printing solution will also be offered that allows you to view printed images in 3D from multiple angles.

And if the idea of still 3D images des nothing for you, the FinePix Real 3D also lets you record 3D video. Of course, there's no word on pricing or when it will be released yet, but we'll keep you posted when we hear more from Fujifilm.


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