Dealzmodo: Get A Free Wii When You Buy A Full HD Panasonic Plasma

panny wii deal.jpgRemember when Sony gave away a PS3 with every Bravia purchased? You should, they did it twice. Well Panasonic has taken a leaf from Sony's book to try and entice you to buy one of their Full HD plasmas this holiday season by offering a free Nintendo Wii via redemption when you pick up one of their Full HD plasmas.

I'm not quite sure this promotion will have the same effect as the Sony one - the PS3 makes the most of your HD panel, while the Wii's 480p maximum resolution looks pretty average on a large screen. But then again, the Wii is still selling like hotcakes, even though there aren't any really enticing games, so this could be a masterstroke from Panny.

The promotion kicks off tomorrow (November 29) and ends Christmas Eve, and is valid on Panny's Full HD plasmas, a full list of which is available below.

TH-65PZ850A TH-58PZ850A TH-50PZ850A TH-50PZ800A TH-50PZ80A TH-46PZ800A TH-42PZ800A TH-42PZ80A TH-65PZ700A TH-58PZ700A TH-50PZ700A TH-42PZ700A TH-65PV600A

Good to see it's not just the new models, but some of last year's range as well.

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