Both Telstra And Optus Officially "Bid" For The National Broadband Network

If The Daily Show covered Australian events, this whole NBN saga would be called: "Fibre Clusterf%*k to the Node", or something like that. But in any case, today was the deadline for submissions to the government for their NBN, and both Telstra and Optus (backed by Terria) have sent theirs in. Although Telstra still managed to slide in a sideways "Fuck you" by not lodging a complete application due to "unresolved issues in the Government's Request for Proposals". Whatever Telstra. I don't care. Someone just give us all high-quality broadband without raping our wallets already. And don't let the government filter it, either.For anyone who's been following this closely, here's the 2611 Telstra submits NBN proposal.pdf. And here's the MR20081126-OPTUS.pdf.

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