Yamaha PDX50 Uses your iPod As A Wireless Remote For Itself

yammy pdx50.jpgNow that I'm an iPhone owner, I'm constantly miffed at the fact that all my iPod docks - all of them - refuse to work seemlessly with my iPhone. And I have a few (at least seven around the house). And while I'm not quite ready to upgrade (my old iPod still works, after all), if I did, I'd probably take a long hard look at this dock from Yamaha.

The PDX-50 uses a proprietary wireless technology to stream your music from your iPod or iPhone to the speakers. And because the wireless transmitter plugs into your iPod, there's no crappy implementation of some iPod navigation software - you just control your iPod like normal. Volume, power and track selection is all handled normally through your iPod or iPhone. Then , when you stick the transmitter (with iPod) in the cradle, everything charges.

It's not launching in Australia until January 2009, sadly, but when it does hit shelves it will come in black, blue, grey and pink (yay!). No price has been set yet, either.


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